Version 0.4.4

CHANGELOG,Release announcement
The binary installers come in the form of shell scripts containing the archives. Make sure the required libraries are installed. Then simply download the appropriate one from below and run it with "sh <name of file>" as root. The game can then be run with 'starvoyager' from the command line.
Download installer for Linux on i386

Documentation is installed in the /usr/local/share/doc/starvoyager directory.

If an installer is not available for your platform, you can download the source code to Star Voyager and compile it.
Download source code

Currently, SDL_net is broken under BeOS, so BeOS users will have to settle for the latest non-multiplayer version which is 0.2.1
Update: The latest SDL_net may work under BeOS; I won't know until someone tries and tells me.
A different (and highly recommended :) )graphics theme for Star Voyager is available here

Old downloads archive

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