Release announcements

Version 0.4.4, November 14th 2002

 One critical bugfix; total freeze during gameplay. I eventually got round to fixing this.

Version 0.4.3, October 7th 2002

 This is just a few bugfixes revealed in the last release. When I put the finishing touches to 0.4.2, it had been a few months since I'd last worked on the code, hence I inadvertently introduced a few howlers. After this release, I expect the next to be 0.5; I'm planning some major improvements that may take some time. Expect it to look different in 0.5, but with an unfortunate loss of savegame and multiplayer protocol backwards compatability.


Version 0.4.2, October 4th 2002

 Well, apologies to those of you who have been on the edge of your seat waiting for the next version. I've been working fairly solidly on other things (i.e. a job that earns me money) for over three months this Summer, and hence have had very little time for working on Star Voyager. Even this release doesn't contain everything I wanted to get round to doing, but there are plenty of major improvements to go around!
 Savegames can now co-exist in multiple, using usernames and passwords. This has the added advantage that you can keep persistent accounts on the public server (which I will be re-instating soon), and hopefully it'll get a little more popular.
 Several bugs have been fixed, including scrolling for chat input text and chat responsiveness. One of the more important interface improvements is the ability to zoom out on the main viewer to three levels of zoom, hopefully giving players a better awareness of local space around them.
 On a more subtle note, the package in general has been renamed to 'starvoyager' instead of 'sv' due to the possibility of clashing with something else called 'sv' (I don't know if there is, but it's likely on unix!).
 And finally, please do read the new and improved manual to get the most out of this game.

Pleasant voyaging,